Senior Collection



The idea of femininity is a constantly changing concept. With the passing of eras and adjustments in social norms, women are perceived and perceive themselves based on an ambiguous notion of femininity. This collection is a projection of my impression of womanhood in today’s society. I combined 1940s silhouettes suggesting an emphasized female figure with harsh contrast and deconstructed elements. I designed a warped gingham print that further implies a traditional view of women. Why are so many traits associated with women considered weak or inferior? This collection aims to portray femininity as uniquely powerful while still recognizing the natural form.

I used all rectangular pattern pieces so that there will be zero waste in the production process. Also some organic fabrics are used as well as an eco-friendly digital printing process.

The title has a double meaning. Bella donna in Italian means beautiful woman. Belladonna as one word is a plant derived serum used in the past for cosmetic purposes as well as poison. The serum would be dropped in the eyes to dilate the pupils giving the woman a sexualized appearance.

fashion design, illustration