Holiday Collection: Salome’s Revenge

Inspired by the old tale of Salome specifically as written by Oscar Wilde and illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley. Simply- the idea of the femme fatale.

Geoffrey Beene Project: OVALS

Simple enough, this collection is based on the oval and how its curves work with the body when draped. Each design was begun with an oval on the form.

Different shapes arise…

CFDA Student Scholarship Competition: Finalist
based on the poem by Allen Ginsberg, “Sunflower Sutra”

The poem is about a sad looking sunflower sitting by the railroad tracks in California. Covered in dust and “man-made worse than dirt” Ginsberg reflects on the state of the sunflower in relation to the state of mankind. The female model/muse is representative of the sunflower–beautiful, deceptively strong… engulfed in the chiffon layers of “smut-smog-smoke” of man-made industry and metallic forms that ignore the natural curves of the body. What I took from this poem was its environmental message but also the final words of hope.

“Poor dead flower? when did you forget you were a
flower? when did you look at your skin and
decide you were an impotent dirty old locomotive?
the ghost of a locomotive? the specter and
shade of a once powerful mad American locomotive?
You were never no locomotive, Sunflower, you were a

So maybe our violent attempts to control an uncontrollable planet have temporarily succeeded, the earth will always adapt and win. The question is whether or not we will adapt before our own habits destroy ourselves.

fashion design, illustration